Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BUCKiTDREAM?
  • Dream platform which allows Dreamers to create their dreams and share their BUCKiTLIST’s (aka Bucket List) on their social networks. Dreamers can post at anytime and anywhere. Popular dream topics on BUCKiTDREAM include #Travel, #Entertainment and #Family. The Huffington Post has dubbed BUCKiTDREAM "a fun, innovative, and remarkably simple new mobile social commerce platform."
  • Where can I download the BUCKiTDREAM App?
  • The BUCKiTDREAM dream app can be downloaded directly from the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play (android).
  • How do I register an account with BUCKiTDREAM?
  • Simply download the BUCKiTDREAM dream app from the app store, hit ‘Get Started’, select from a few options of signing in with Facebook or twitter or register a valid email address and password by signing up with email.
    You can now start dreaming.
  • I forgot my password how do I reset it?
  • If you have forgotten your password for your account or simply want to reset your password, just hit ‘Forgot your password’ at the log in page of the BUCKiTDREAM dream app. An email will be sent from our team to your registered email address, follow the prompts provided to reset your password.
  • How do I change my account/ profile information?
  • Simply log in to your account, tap the cog in the far right corner of the main navigation panel. Here you will be taken to your personal profile. Hit ‘edit profile’ and you will have full access to your account information. This page will enable you to change your first and last name, username, Bio, Location, email, website, birth date and gender. Once you have edited any of your profile information be sure to hit ‘save’.

    To change your profile photo, go to your profile, and tap your existing photo. From there, you will have the option to upload or take a new photo. Be sure to hit ‘save.’
  • How do I manage my privacy of who can see my information and content?
  • To manage the privacy of your personal information and anything to do with your dream posts, log in to your account, visit your profile page, tap the settings icon in the top right corner and be sure that ‘Private Account’ is active.
    When your account is set to private only you will be able to view your dreams and posts. To change, simply deactivate.
  • How do I sign out?
  • To sign out of your BUCKiTDREAM account, access your profile page and tap the ‘settings’ icon in the top right corner, scroll down and tap ‘Logout’. You will be logged out of your account.
  • Can I create multiple accounts?
  • Sure, upon logging in to BUCKiTDREAM you will need to provide a different email address for every account you wish to register with BUCKiTDREAM.
  • Where can I read about BUCKiTDREAM’s Privacy policy?
  • To access and read about our Privacy policy, please visit You will find the link to our privacy policy page in the bottom navigation panel.
  • Where can I read about BUCKiTDREAM’s Terms of Service?
  • To access and read about our Terms of service click on the icon button in the lower right. Then choose the settings COG in the upper right.The Terms of Service is located near the bottom in My Settings. You can also view our Terms of Service online when you visit and scroll to the bottom of the navigation panel to access further information.
  • Can I invite friends to join me at BUCKiTDREAM?
  • Absolutely! Simply log in to your BUCKiTDREAM account, visit your settings page and tap ‘Invite friends’. You will be provided options to invite friends via Facebook or other accounts.
  • What does BUCKiTLIST mean?
  • BUCKiTLIST is our very own version of the ‘Bucket List’ because we believe each dreamer’s list is individual to the dreamer. That’s what makes each list special. You can add or create any amount of dreams you wish for your BUCKiTLIST. Use it to inspire friends and family and share on social media.
  • How do I view my BUCKiTLIST?
  • To view your BUCKiTLIST simply tap the profile icon on the far right of the main navigation panel. Here you will see your personal BUCKiTLIST.
  • What is on my home/dream feed?
  • When you log in to your BUCKiTDREAM account, you will be taken straight to the dream feed (Home icon). Here you will be able to view all relevant dream content of those accounts you follow, dreams that inspire you, your friends dreams,your personal posts, new dream content,new comments, new posts and all content that helps your dreams come to life!
  • Can I comment on someone’s Dream or post?
  • Sure, simply hit ‘Comment’ and type your message, hit ‘send’ and your comment will be added to that dream content. The original dreamers of the posts you have commented on will be notified directly that you left a message.
  • What does ‘inspired’ mean?
  • Below each dream content that appears on BUCKiTDREAM in your personal dream feed, is accompanied by a love icon with our term ‘inspired’. This allows you to tell other dreamers you are moved/ inspired by their dreams or posts. By tapping ‘inspired’ you are showing the dreamer that you like and are inspired by their particular dream. See how many dreamers you can inspire with your BUCKiTLIST!
    When you have tapped ‘inspired’ that dreamer will receive a notification that you were moved by their dreams!
  • Oops, I made a mistake and didn’t mean to tap ‘inspired’, how can I remove it?
  • Simply tap ‘inspired’ again and you will see the love icon deactivate and turn to grey. Your ‘inspired’ tap has now been officially removed from that content.
  • What do the three dots below each dream or post resemble?
  • Below every post on your dream feed, you will see at the end on the post there is three dots. Here you can add that dream directly to your BUCKiTLIST, share to facebook and other social networks or mark as inappropriate.
  • Can I add a dream from the dream feed directly to my BUCKiTLIST?
  • You certainly can! All content you can see on your dream feed can be added directly to your personal BUCKiTLIST to help you get closer to living your dreams. Simply hit the BUCKiT symbol at the top of the dream post and you can directly add that dream content to your BUCKiTLIST or edit the dream itself.
    If you have selected ‘Add to my BUCKiTLIST’ you will notice that the BUCKiT symbol and a verbal notification will confirmed your addition!
  • I’m inspired by someone’s dream but want to make it my own and edit further, how can I do that?
  • If you are truly inspired by someone’s dream on your dream feed and wish to make it your very own, hit the BUCKiT symbol below the dream itself and the click the “…” on the right side. From there you will have the option to edit the dream. Here you can change the title, add a personal image for the dream, location, those to join you and when you wish to fulfill the dream.
  • How can I search for a dream?
  • Simply tap the magnifying glass icon in your navigation panel. Here you will visit search, type any dream or relevant term for what you are looking for and the results will appear below.
  • What can I find in search?
  • In our search, you can look for anything in particular or be taken into a new realm of global inspiration from our suggested top dreams!
  • How do I add a dream from search to my BUCKiTLIST?
  • To add a dream you have searched for, simply search the key word, locate the dream you wish to add and select the BUCKiT symbol. You will have options to add directly to your BUCKiTLIST or personalize the dream further by editing that dream content.
  • How do I remove a dream from my BUCKiTLIST?
  • To remove a dream from your BUCKiTLIST, simply tap your dream profile page. Locate the dream you wish to delete. Tap the three dot ‘…’ icon, here you can select ‘Delete’ and this dream will be removed from your BUCKiTLIST.
  • Are there any notifications on BUCKiTDREAM?
  • There sure are, for any time you comment, post, add a dream to your BUCKiTLIST, tap ‘inspired’, you will be notifying the dreamer/ owner of that original content. It’s a great way to stay connected!
  • How will I know if other dreamers are inspired by my dreams or comment and add my dreams?
  • Our notification system allows every piece of activity by other dreamers on BUCKiTDREAM that have been active across your dream content to be delivered personally to you in the form of a notification. Each time someone is ‘inspired’, added your dream to there BUCKiTLIST, or leaves you a comment, your account will receive a personal notification of the activity.
  • Can I switch my notifications on and off?
  • You sure can, by tapping the ‘settings’ cog in the right hand corner of your profile page, scroll to ‘Push notifications’ under your account settings. Activate or deactivate as you desire.

    Creating Dreams.

  • What does the large blue + or BUCKiT icon in the middle of my navigation mean?
  • This is the BUCKiTDREAM Create tool. By tapping the + tab you can create and add any dream you can possibly think of.
  • How do I create a dream?
  • To create a new dream or post, simply tap the large blue + icon in the middle of your navigation. Here you will be taken to a blank ‘create dream’ page. You can add images, titles, tags, dates and fellow dreamers with this tool. When you are happy with the content you have added here, hit save and you will see your dream or post appear in the dream feed (home).
  • How do I ‘edit’ a dream I created?
  • To edit any dream content or dreams you have posted, simply tape the three dot icon on the dream and tap ‘edit’. Here you can return to change or update particular images of the dream, change dates, other dreamers tagged, location and titles.
  • How do I share a dream I created?
  • To share and dream you have created or dream that you are inspired by, tap the three dot icon on the dream content, here you can select to share via Facebook or other social media accounts.
  • How do I invite my friends to a dream I created?
  • To invite or share a dream you have recently added with your friends on BUCKiTDREAM. Locate the dream you wish to invite or tag them in. Tap the three dot icon and hit edit, follow the prompts until you reach the ‘with whom’ symbol. Here you can search for other BUCKiTDREAMERS that you wish to invite to this particular dream.
    If you wish to share a dream with friends that are not on BUCKiTDREAM, follow the process above and select ‘Share’ dream.
  • How do I mark a dream as ‘complete’?
  • Visit your BUCKiTLIST page, locate the dream you wish to mark as complete. Tap the three dot icon, and tap ‘mark as complete’. This will now appear for other dreamers in the dream feed to see!
  • How do I make a particular dream my #1 Dream on my BUCKiTLIST?
  • To make any dream your number 1 on your BUCKiTLIST, locate the dream, tap the three dot icon and select ‘Mark as first dream’.
  • Need further assistance?
  • For all further support inquiries please contact